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Houses Bottles - Ingrid Vaca Diez's Ecological Housing



About us
Ingrid Vaca Diez

Ingrid Vaca Diez was born in Warnes; she is the one who instructed the house project denominated Eco-Agro-Touristic. She is a lawyer, Auditor and Company Administrator, she is not an architect, but she has been the only one to make certain building the house bottles and other wastes in Bolivia. She is not interested in the amount of time this takes to fill the bottles with sand, painting or making the mixture for the construction. Every journey is a concern to her because she is constantly thinking where to get the bottles, pick them up and take them to Warnes to work and knock other house for help to make reality this dream.

My father was 7 times mayor in this town of Warnes. In one of his gestions he donated these lands to a Motherís Club; my biggest wish is to continue with this social labor that he started in favor of the poor people, besides it is a place forgotten by the authorities even though it is not far from the city.

The first phase is to build 10 ecological houses and make this place in a touristic place. I work here 8 years ago. I began with the nursery, donating breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner for the students of two shifts of the Virgen de Fatima School. This is a labor that is nowadays still functioning among with the construction of the houses.


As a lawyer she helps with untreated women and abused children, this is the reason why she has the project to make a center especially for this purpose.

I would like to change the life and draw a smile on the faces of the unfavored






Houses Bottles - Ingrid Vaca Diez's Ecological Housing

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Houses Bottles - Ingrid Vaca Diez's Ecological Housing